Donate to "Los Ojos de Dios" Shelter

$1.00 each

  A nondenominational, private not-for-profit in Mexico and the USA (501-C-3) dedicated to serving children and providing them with the love and care they were deprived of when someone threw them away because of their disability. Children found everyday in the streets, churches, hallways and doorsteps all throughout the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. This comprehensive rehabilitation center is the only safe haven for them in the state. Here, they find love and sense of belonging in a family like home setting. Our bio-technology self-sustainable methods of constructing, operating and generating power were developed by professionals in the field of alternative architecture of the University of Ciudad Juarez, making this an Ecological Model in Latin America, appointed by the Federal Government. We create community awareness and active participation in the care of our environment.